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Funny quotes

On this page you will found some funny quotes. Because whe already have a lot of funny birthday wishes, whe wanted to try out something new for us. While whe were creating our funny birthday wishes, whe realized that whe were also writing down a lot funny quotes. But the thing is that most of these funny quotes where not related to birthdays... So, whe decided to share them with all of our visitors. That is why whe created this cool and funny page.
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  1. I am not 60 years old, I am 18 with 42 years of experience.
  2. I am already retired, but I will still work as a teaser.
  3. I am already used, but I am still in great condition.
  4. Drunk girls just love me.
  5. Spooning can lead in to forking.
  6. The worst fear to fear is to fear fear itself.
  7. Only one of the dwarfs is Happy.
  8. Today I called somebody stupid, but he still didn't knew it.
  9. If you think that I am rude, then you should hear what the rest is thinking about you.
  10. If I want to talk to someone smart, then I will listen to myself.
  11. If you have a low self esteem, it means that you have earned it.
  12. People who go to rehab are definitely quitters.
  13. Your mother loves you, but I am her favorite.
  14. Drawing a circle is totally pointless.
  15. If you going to bowl you will need to grab your balls with you.
  16. I love numbers and I also love 8008135.
  17. I only party at two occasions; at my birthday and at any other day.
  18. The first 30 years of my childhood were awesome.
  19. If a frisbee gets bigger, then it will hit you.
  20. After going to the gym I always eat some french fries. No, I am just kidding... I don't go to the gym.
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